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How it all works

Pick your plan

Businesses should not have to be their own IT managers. We understand you don’t want to perform keyword research, SEO optimization, or learn the ins-and-outs of HTML. You have bigger things to worry about, like running your business. We have you covered.

When it comes to building a website, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Which is why MBJ offers two different plans, add-ons, and integrations to ensure a client’s business gets what it needs.



When it comes to websites, we don’t believe in cutting any corners. WaaS websites are hosted on secure premium cloud servers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. They all include an unlimited number of pages, logo optimization, web design, development, and maintenance.


Fully Mobile Response

All sites are built to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so your content looks great, and your brand is represented consistently across devices.

SEO Ready

Every website we deliver is SEO ready including title tags, meta tags, heading tags and image alt text.

Content guidelines

Being found on Google fast is half the fight. We provide you a comprehensive copywriting guideline to ensure your text is optimized.

Monthly Reports

We provide you with monthly executive summary-style website care reports that provide a detailed picture of your site’s performance.

WaaS +

For a more hands-off approach, the premium WaaS+ includes all the features of WaaS, plus a one-time copywriting option and full SEO service, including keyword research, page crawl optimization, and in-depth reporting.



Keyword research

Your site will need to tailor its keywords to be found on Google. We perform research for as many relevant, valuable keywords as possible to ensure you are targeting and ranking for the best.

Website copywriting

We will deliver engaging one-time website copy crafted by our in-house wordsmiths with SEO and conversion in mind.

Backlink building

Our network of specialized writers will contribute articles to your website and post links on well-ranked domain authority blogs to increase your site’s authority.


We provide in-depth reporting on organic traffic, keyword ranking and monitor incoming traffic to make sure we have the clear picture.


The integrations

Give your website an extra boost with any of the following integrations. These are an easy way to enhance your website’s performance and customer experience. Check out the select list below for our supported WaaS integrations.

The add-ons

Sometimes you just need a little something extra.

Our website add-ons are crafted to perfectly complement our website plans.

Logo design

Our in-house designers will revamp your business’s current logo or create a brand new digital ready logo option.

Content creation

Our wordsmiths will take a look at your text and craft your business’s new voice, perfectly optimized for SEO.

Email accounts

Need somewhere for your newfound customers to reach you? We’ll set you up with a Google for business email.